British Pakistani tailors ‘million dollar suit’

British Pakistani Master Tailor Arshad Mahmood has produced a suit that he claims to be one of the world’s most expensive tailor-made suits priced at $129,000 (HK$1, 000, 000).

Arshad Mahmood, who has offices in London and Hong Kong, originates from Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, and learnt the art of tailoring originally in the city of Karachi in early 80s.

Mahmood recently showcased his talents at the launch of his ‘million dollar suit’ in Hong Kong. The suit is made of 22-carat gold stitching, a gold waistcoat and diamond-encrusted gold and diamond buttons. Mahmood especially flew to Hong Kong to sell it to a mystery buyer from China for HK$1, 000, 000.

The launch event was attended by a number of top celebrities including Formula One’s Adrian Sutil and singer & actress Maria Cordero.

Arshad Mahmood says that his suit is the only one of its kind in the world. Speaking to The News after returning from Hong Kong, Arshad Mahmood commented: “It took us 200 hours to tailor this suit, which took a great amount of care, dedication and planning. It is very special. It’s a great achievement for us as a team. The idea was to make a suit that is not only one of the most most expensive suits in the world but also exquisite, stylish and carries a clear ideology. This suit exactly does that and I am very happy. The craft that I learnt originally in Karachi has given me fame and money and I am indebted

He agreed that this suit will be worn only on special occasions and only a handful of people in the world could afford that kind of indulgence. “It’s not for everyday use. I am not sure if the owner of the suit will actually tell others that he is standing there wearing the most expensive attire in the world or not. It’s entirely up to him.”

The suit was sold within a few hours of the launch on the same day. Amongst the selected guests of 180, there were more than a dozen mulch-millionaires from India, Africa and China. The buyer of the suit requested that his name shall not be revealed, said Arshad.

Mahmood has also made suits for former prime ministers Yousuf Raza Gilani and Shaukat Aziz. This is not the first time that the Pakistani tailor has made headlines with his craft. The tailor has stitched suits for members of the Royal family in the United Kingdom, Field Marshal Sir John Chapple, Lord Brammal and celebrities such as footballers Joe Cole, Carlton Cole & Scott Parker, James Caan, Duncan Bannatyne, Theo Paphitis, England Manager Roy Hodgson, West Ham’s Sam Allardyce & Fulham’s Martin Jol. He is also the official tailor for Premiership Football Clubs, West Ham United and Fulham FC, Saracens Rugby Club and Australia’s Sydney Roosters Rugby Club.


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