Young Athletes participating in the Punjab Youth Festival 2012, created history by making many new Guinness Records. Athletes set new world records in different fields ranging from frog jumping, fastest cricket kit dressing to fastest pushups and bread making.

Participants made dozens of attempts setting at least 12 new Guinness records, making Pakistan’s name shine in the Guinness record books. Guinness Records adjudicator carefully observed all records and declared them as World records awarding the successful athletes with the Guiness Record Certificates. Athletes said they are happy to be part of the Guinness records books and highlighted the positive image of Pakistan with diversified capabilities.

Punjab Youth Festival has been organized by the Punjab government, which is looking ahead to breaking at least 45 more records in the coming days, setting a positive image of Pakistan in front of the rest of the world. Pakistan has already created history by forming the World’s largest human flag and largest attendance for the National Anthem as part of the Punjab Youth Festival. Participants hail Punjab government’s efforts to create opportunities for upcoming talent from all corners of Punjab who are now taking on the world, setting new records as a challenge for them to beat. Guinness Record adjudicator said, he is amazed at the talent that Pakistan possesses, and looked forward to seeing more records being made in the coming days.

As days move on, Punjab Youth Festival eyes towards setting more records in order to create a world record of being the only event to break most number of World records in history. At least 12 new Guinness World Records have been made by Pakistan’s Punjab Youth Festival. The festival is looking ahead to many more in the coming days, making history mark Pakistan’s name in bright colors.


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