Considered as one of Pakistan’s most edgy and exciting personalities with an exceptional ability to be glamorously versatile, Meesha’s current avatar spells that she is a rock star with the added feather in her cap of being the lead vocalist of Overload. “I wasn’t ‘Meesha the singer’ before I became the lead singer for Overload. I had never sung professionally before I joined the band. It is the loudest band in Pakistan, and it is heavily drenched in rock influences, the dhol brings in the element of fusion, but take that away from it, and it is a rock band. Hence the avatar ‘rock star’ I suppose. Although, for the record, I would like to go a long way before I can call myself a rock star. I guess there never have been any female rockers in Pakistan so the title was itching to be used. Lucky me!” And yes, rock star Meesha has an equally rocking voice — a fact that came out into the open when she performed a groovy rendition of Alif Allah Chambay di Booty, a duet with Arif Lohar in a recent episode of Coke Studio-3.

In a short span of time, with a showbiz career going great guns, Meesha’s name recently got attached to L’Oreal. Representing an international brand has its perks. But on a practical note for her and the others with whom she shares the title of spokesperson, it came about because they were looking for dynamic, young women who have substance and talent, not just pretty faces that sell products. “I have done a lot of commercial modelling and being a L’Oréal Pakistan spokesperson actually acknowledges that you have not just the right look, but also the right attitude and most importantly, things to say,” she adds. On a concluding note, answering the cliqued question about her future plans and work to look forward to in terms of music, modeling and acting pat came the reply, “I don’t believe in sharing my future plans as my mother always says ‘too many slips between the cup and the lip’.” Well said, Meesha.


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